Christmas Vacation (1989)

Our first-ever live show was a success! Thank you to the fine folks (dare we say “fans”?) who joined us for the live recording and viewing party. And thank you to St. Joseph Parish for allowing us to take over the parish center for the evening. As Cousin Eddie might say, it was just “a real nice surprise. A real, real nice surprise.”

Your intrepid hosts, mid-conversation. Note the fine array of Hallmark Christmas Vacation ornaments lining the table.

Here’s a bonus trivia tidbit you’ll only get by reading these (so-called) show notes: Christmas Vacation is the only film in the series not to feature Lindsay Buckingham’s classic song “Holiday Road” on the soundtrack.

The “Clark W. Grisberg” house on Ridgedale Road in South Bend, as mentioned by Ken.

Christmas Vacation on Wikipedia.

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